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Monitor Flue Pipe USED Standard New Style w/ NEW O-Rings 8050


Monitor Heater USED Standard New Style Flue Pipe With NEW O-Rings

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Part # 8050, 4016, 6176

Fits all Monitor Heaters - for walls up to 8.5 inches thick


  1. One (1) USED New Style Standard Flue Pipe Part # 8050
  2. One (1) NEW Air Port O-Ring Part # 4016  
  3. One (1) NEW Exhaust O-Ring Part # 6176
This flue pipe fits walls between approximately minimum 5.75 inches & maximum 8.5 inches thick. 
This flue pipe is in very good pre-owned condition. There are two small holes in the end of the Flue Pipe that will not affect the function of the flue pipe. These are documented in the photos and circled in red.  When installing, point the side with the holes down.

This is the NEW STYLE Flue Pipe  It comes apart in two pieces  This flue pipe may be used with the Flue Pipe Extensions in order to go through thicker walls. We have the extensions available if your wall is greater than 8.5 inches.  If your wall is less than 5.75 inches thick for example an outdoor workshop or a Mobile Home, you may purchase a threaded flange to decrease the wall thickness minimum to approximately 4.75 inches. We have the threaded wall flange available in our Web Store.

Please contact us if you need pricing for EXPEDITED or INTERNATIONAL Shipping as costs will vary depending on your location and shipping options.

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