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USED Monitor Flue Pipe Part B Standard


USED Outside Part of Standard Flue Pipe for Monitor Heater

NOTE: This is not a complete Standard Flue Pipe (Part # 8050). This is the outside half of a standard Flue Pipe.

There is no part # for this part, it is USED and is only half of Part # 8050

If you are not sure if you are ordering the correct part, please contact us PRIOR to ordering.

Fits all Monitor Heaters.

The standard Flue Pipe (Part # 8050) will exhaust through a wall up to 8.5 inches thick.

If the wall you are venting through is thicker than 8.5 inches, you will need a flue pipe extension (small, medium or large). These flue pipes are also available in our Web Store.

Please contact us if you need pricing for EXPEDITED or INTERNATIONAL Shipping as costs will vary depending on your location and shipping options.

I inquired if this item is still in stock prior to ordering.

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